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While the Scuba diving and snorkeling are probably the most popular activities in Cozumel, they are far from being the only things to do! Get ready for a world of fun and adventure on this exciting tropical island. 

Snorkel or scuba diving

Cozumel is home to the world's second largest coral reef. The spectacular underwater world is an attraction on its own that draws visitors from around the globe.  There are a couple of great places for shore snorkeling. The Dzul-ha area is a great spot. The Money Bar, a beach club with snorkel gear rentals is right there. 

Also Hotel Barracuda is a great place to beach dive or snorkel.   There are 2 sunken airplanes right off shore and awesome schools of fish.  And, do see the occassional Barracuda.  They also have a good restaurant and if you go around sunset, you can eat right on the beach with the sun setting over the water just feet away.  Beautiful!  The staff there is really fantastic and very friendly.  We stayed there for weeks on end while building parts of the house so we know them quite well.  If you happen to make it by, please tell them 'hola' for me. (The picture to the left is an actual photo I took at the Barracuda.)

Swim with the dolphins

Some of nature's friendliest and most intelligent creatures. It's the experience of a lifetime and highly recommended!  There are two companies that offer this tour.  Here is the link to Dolphin Discovery within Chankanaab’s Park:

Swim with the whale sharks

Absolutely a once in a lifetime tour!  If you're here during the season (June through September) I recommend doing this.  There are two options to get there...for an ALL DAY trip, take the ferry to Playa, and bus up to Chiquita, then another ferry to Holbox to meet the boat.  OR...use the Air Charter Service Aero Holbox which will fly directly to Holbox island. 

San Gervasio Mayan Ruins

Visit Mayan ruins right on the island of Cozumel.  San Gervasio Mayan ruins are over 20 acres of well preserved Mayan history just a short car ride away located approximately in the center of the island.  This site was dedicated to the Mayan goddess Ixchel ("She of the Rainbows"), deity of midwifery, fertility, medicine and weaving.

There are literally miles and miles of the original road that the Mayans used throughout Cozumel.  You can see this and many other amazing buildings at San Gervasio.  Where it's nowhere near as large as Coba or Tulum, it's here on the island and just takes minutes to drive to.  

Recommended if you enjoy experiencing history but wear decent walking shoes and bring a bottle of water.

Other Mayan Ruins

Book a guided tour to the Mayan archeological sites on the mainland. Day trips take you to explore the Yucatan Peninsula's fascinating ancient cities of Chichen Itza, Tulum, or Coba. 

Tulum's greatest attraction is its location. It stands on a bluff facing the rising sun looking out on views of the Caribbean that are nothing less than spectacular. In Maya, Tulum means "Wall", and the city was christened this because it is a walled city; one of the very few the ancients ever built.

Tulum is my personal favorite just because I'm a sucker for the ocean and the Mayan ruins on the cliff with the stunning Caribbean blue sea in the background is spectacular. 


If you've never been to Cozumel, I recommend Chankanaab Park. It's a must for snorkeling with lots of fishes around you because they have been protected here for such a long time that they are not afraid of people.  Here's the official site for Chankanaab:

Natural Parks and Cenotes

If you'd like to go to the mainland, visit the spectacular eco - parks of Xcaret and Xel-Ha. Both offer a variety of activities as well as a glimpse at some Mother Nature's best work. Both are spectacular.

Off the beaten path....Explore the cenotes scattered throughout the Mayan corridor, these underground caves and tunnels are the perfect setting for wondrous and extraordinary adventures.  Some of my most amazing photography was done at a cenote near Tulum.  Breathtaking.

Other things to do...

Spend a day exploring the island and its fascinating beaches. Go from soft white sand to rugged rocky formations until you find that special spot, then relax and enjoy! Some great options include Paradise Beach, the beautiful natural beach and restaurant at Playa Palancar, Playa Bonita and Chen Rio.  Check out The Most Beautiful Beach that I wrote about in my Blog.  

Take in a round of golf at the gorgeous, world-class, Cozumel Country Club golf course.

Spend a great day or half day fishing the beautiful seas. Fishing trips usually include the captain, lunch and beverages and all the tackle you will need to land the big one. Test your strength against the legendary marlin!

The island offers an abundant selection of Mexican handcrafts, fine jewelry as well as local treasures from Mexico that make great souvenirs and gifts.  There's no shortage of great stores!

In addition to the fabulous diving and snorkeling on the island, here are a few things that we've enjoyed doing over the years....


This is by no means all that there is to do and see.  Check out my blog for more great ideas and insights into Cozumel.

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